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Zeron 100 (UNS S32760) Duplex Stainless Steel

ZERON 100 is a cost-effective super duplex stainless steel which has been designed to cope well in aggressive and harsh environments. Its excellent performance can meet with a variety of applications, and displays effective resistance to stress corrosion cracking and corrosion resistance under warm seawater conditions, along with superior pitting. Because of these features, ZERON 100 has become a popular choice used widely across different industries.


  • Guaranteed corrosion performance (PREn ≥ 40)
  • High resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion
  • Excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking in both chloride and sour environments
  • High resistance to erosion corrosion and corrosion fatigue
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Possibility for weight reduction over austenitic, standard duplex and nickel base alloys Good weldability

Common Name : Zeron 100
UNS: S32760
European: 1.4501

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